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Double Buck 24er Package

Beer Style Doppelbock
Integrients Water, BARLEY MALT, hops
Alcohol 9.0% vol.
original extract 20.7° Plato
IBU (Bitterness) 25
Fermentation bottom fermentation
filtered yes
pasteurized no
Content (24x) 500ml


3.51€ per liter incl. 16% VAT, deposit and packaging

24 bottles in a box! Dark Double Buck - for strong men and racy women with bite!

Originally from northern Germany, Einbeck near Hannover, known since 1351; from 1615 it was brewed in Munich by Einbeck master brewer Elias Pilcher; "Ainpöckisch Bier" became "Bockbier". In Bavaria, the fasting season is the "5th season". Optimum drinking temperature at 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.

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